At Tilbury Auto Sales & RV Yamaha, we realize that the safety and performance of your Yamaha recreational vehicle is of great importance. This is why Tilbury Auto Sales & RV Yamaha*is fully equipped and experienced to service both old and new Yamaha products with friendly service to help you out with all of your questions and concerns. Our *Yamaha Parts department is standing by to take your orders and answer any questions you might have.

Yamalube – The Best Of The Best

Yamalube was engineered to provide the finest quality performance lubricants for Yamaha engines, by the very same team that engineered and created the technology. From the thrill of racing to a cross-country ride, a snowy day in the woods or a relaxing day on the water-Yamalube has all of your needs covered. There's no single oil perfect for every application, but there is one brand-Yamalube. Whether on land, water or snow, Yamalube is simply the finest oil available for your Yamaha. Yamalube oils are formulated and lab & field-tested by the same Yamaha team that designs Yamaha engines. This team has exclusive access to proprietary data; so they're able to develop blends that enhance performance and protect your engine like no other oil. After all, no one knows your Yamaha like Yamaha.

Yamaha Winterization Packages

3 affordable packages to get your powersport vehicles ready to be stored for the winter! Our packages include all makes and models.

Bronze Package
$225 + tax or $199 + tax if you own a Yamaha
  • Drain water completely from unit.
  • Yamalube fuel stabilizer + 5L of fresh fuel.
  • Run special antifreeze mixture through lines.
  • Oil change.
  • 21-point inspection (hoses, wiring, impeller, jet unit, etc.)
  • Fogging oil spray.
  • Battery charged/removed.
  • Lubricate cables, etc.
  • FREE trailer inspection and report.
Silver Package
$389 + tax or $365 + tax if you own a Yamaha
  • Bronze Package details PLUS
  • Storage & Spring preparation
Gold Package
$589 + tax or $565 + tax if you own a Yamaha
  • Silver Package details PLUS
  • Full exterior detailing (wash, prep, wax)
  • 10% off additional parts/accessories (covers, life jackets, etc.)

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